Frederick County, MD Thrive

Where Commerce and Community Go Hand In Hand

The Frederick County Thrive Initiative was started as a project designed to help the local economy, and the businesses that are the source of that economy, to thrive, to prosper, to grow into what they were destined to be. We believe local businesses are the heart of any strong community, and that they deserve to be supported by the members of that community, not just with their money, but also with their hearts, their minds, their love, and their dedication to those businesses that exist to serve them. To serve us. As proud members of the Frederick County community ourselves, our first priority with this initiative is to show our businesses that we care about them, that we are committed to them, and that we see them. The owners of these businesses are regular human beings, just like us, who dedicate their days to serving our community. They get up each day and take care of their families, go to work, do the best job they can do, and then go home, hoping what they’ve done is enough. We are all the same. We are a family. And Frederick County Thrive wants to make sure that each and every member of our community knows that, and lives it.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting our initiative. If you want to support our county and its businesses, please go right to the directory listings and search for anything you need. We are updating our directory daily to include all of your favorite vendors of every kind.

Please reach out if you have any needs, questions, complaints, orย  good jokes.



Interested in being listed with us?

We would be honored! Please reach out and expect to be treated like the ROCKSTAR that you are! ๐Ÿ™‚