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    Jo Jo
    August 11, 2021

    I don't know where to begin. My daughter's coach is sarcastic and rude and doesn't appear to have adequate training herself. Told my daughter who is a seasoned gymnast that what she was doing wasn't "a thing in gymnastics" meanwhile we watched others in an advanced level doing the same skill. Head scratcher.... And I can't say for sure if this is happening but other gyms we have attended there is a floor manager who rounds during classes and observes the skills of students and if someone stands out they offer them a spot on the team and this really encourages kids to try harder if they want a spot on the team. And I see other reviews mentioning too many kids in classes and I second that - they book too many and kids get lost in the shuffle. Also, consistency is a BIG issue here. There is a sign that says masks are required and I have seen them tell other students and parents to mask up or wait outside. But this is not applicable to everyone - their star olympic alternate is the exception apparently so what kind of example is this setting to young ones? Then and this was pretty frustrating to watch. A parent was videoing her child and another child ran into the camera view and that parent's child complained at the desk. Now the sign says to try to video or photograph only your child but I will tell you as I sat there, I saw at least 2 other moms videoing their child but only this one mother was spoken to. And quite honestly the mom handled it well - she retorted to the concerned parent "well - were you looking over my shoulder at my phone bc that is invasion of my privacy." it was a little tense and the employee had said her piece and walked away almost leaving it for these 2 moms to duke it out. But my issue was that the employee only said it to the one parent and did not address the other 2 soooo not great. The employee could have just made a general announcement and in her defense she did gently say just to be careful not to get other kids in her shot. This is the first gym I have ever been to with this rule. Other gyms we have attended had us sign a photograph waiver that covered the gym taking pics or any "incidental" pics with your child in it by other parents. Parents are proud of their littles and should be allowed to capture them achieving milestones. There are a lot of gym options in this area so Hills is going to need to step it up to keep people. One day as we were getting ready to leave, I overheard a group of people talking and were very frustrated with the gym's lack of COVID responsiveness. It is disappointing especially as we keep hearing of increased numbers of infection. Other gyms have people wait outside until the prior class is emptied out but they continue the practice of everyone coming and going through this small corridor to get shoes and collect children. There are ways to improve here and it is not apparent that there is any attempt to be safer. I personally do not observe equipment being wiped down between classes - something I see at other gyms as well. Granted we could all just stop sending our children but this parent feels it is important to keep her kiddo active and it would be nice if that need was appreciated by businesses - bc we could all just say NO and then these places could close. We have to work together here.

    Norman Bartz
    April 02, 2021

    Supportive atmosphere, fun workouts and great staff. Best decision I ever made!

    September 20, 2020

    My daughter has been training at Hill's for the past 5 years, starting in classes and moving onto the competitive team. The coaches have always supported her working toward her goals. I've been particular impressed with their handling of the things during the pandemic, especially in the return to the gym. As any parent, I was nervous at first, but felt confident in her return after seeing all of the steps that Hill's took to protect the athletes and staff....and 3 months in they are still has vigilant about cleaning, temperature checking, mask wearing, distancing, and managing numbers as they were in the early weeks. This is not an easy feat to accomplish but they are committed to complying to ensure safety and to keep the gym in business to be here for the community.

    Kate Jordan
    December 05, 2020

    Hill's is incredibly clean and I'm very impressed with the measures they've taken during COVID. No one can compare to the awesome staff! This is the best gymnastics gym in this area!

    Shana Thompson
    June 13, 2021

    .I went to and worked at Hills back in 2007 before I had girls of my own now I have 2 and we have been coming from NY every weekend for the past 5 weeks

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