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    Suzy J
    February 17, 2020

    I was able to get my Baer paint mixed and everyone at this location is extremely helpful!

    Celina Schmidt
    February 20, 2013

    Never get anything installed through this Home Depot. I had wood flooring installed and they completely dropped the ball all along the way. The expediters can't do their job, the assistant managers are incompetent, and nobody seems to be in charge. I'm not sure what is the problem with this store, but I would never use them to install anything. Stay away!

    Jim Grossfeld
    November 18, 2017

    I bought a crummy storm door from Home Depot that the manufacturer replaced under warranty and sent to Home Depot for pick-up. I arranged for Home Depot to deliver and install the door. I've made repeated calls to schedule it, but my calls have not been returned -- meanwhile the door has been sitting there for weeks.

    tomas ibanez
    July 21, 2015

    The worst service anyone can imagine, impossible to do worse. I want laminated floors and new carpet for my house so I went to Bethesda Home Depot to get both labor and install thinking it would be faster and cheaper, big mistake !!!! Ordering material and taking field measuments was all ok, the problem started after that. The total amount was around $ 3,000 and the person taking the order by phone on Sunday said I had to deposit about $ 1,000 to start the order, but, on Monday, they tried to charge the full amount for which my bank rejected the transaction, they tried several times until my bank blocked my account. They called me 2 days later saying its problem with my card , when I told them I wanted to use another card I was told to wait and left me waiting for 30 minutes, never called me back. Then I went to the store personally to change the order (since has beeen taking a long time decided to replace it with material they have in stock) and pay for material and installation. I was told that the installation will be done after 3-4 days. That day I received a call from New Jersey saying that the installation would be do after 1 month !!!!. I contact the store, it is noteworthy that call the store is a extremely unpleasant experience, people who answer the phone do so in a rude manner and will communicate with 5 different persons, calls can take more than half an hour and with the assurance that no one gives you security of knowing what they are doing. Finally ,after leaving a voicemail , they contacted me telling me that I would be called to give me a date for the installation, without having a date for sure,I decided to just got the material and cancel the installation, supposedly this person made this change. Naturally nobody called me, I was the one who called next week and they said they had nothing on schedule and have only canceled the installation of floor and if I would remove the carpet had to pay $ 100 per restocking fee, UNBELIEVABLE !!!!, I have to pay because they do not his job. Given the lack of time I explained to Laurie on Monday (person in charge) that I needed material or installation (anything goes at this time) before Thursday, she told me that carpet would be installed on Thursday and floor delivery the same Monday. Well, she called me later saying that the floor does not come until Tuesday, and they would call me before its arrive. I said ok. Tuesday 5pm, nobody called me, I called the store several times and Laurie was at lunch ,call 30 minutes later and the operator told me she did not know what was happening and that maybe she was already gone. Still calling the store until someone told me that they no had more deliveries for that day and they could not find my order!!!! Frustrated by poor service so I asked to speak with the manager, after a while the same person told me that the order was on my way ........ yes, the same person that just said no more deliveries for that day. I have a crew of installers hired on my own coming tomorrow first thing in the morning and do not have even a nail. Needless to say I hope not to have problems with credit that has to be done in my favor because I pay for materials and labor in full and now they are only going to do half of the installation. It's 6:30 pm and still no material of an stock order that started three weeks ago. Very poor service !!! Well, Laurie personally came with a helper bringing my floor at 7:30pm , that was nice!!!.(besides a piece is missing) I think they are overwelming of work but I am sorry , is what it is, was my experience , I hope they improve their service. Good luck!!!!

    Dominic Ferraro
    March 20, 2016

    Being a sub contractor I am in and out of many of the home depots but the bethesda home depot is by far the best. Their team has always been helpful and informative on my visits. One employee though keeps me coming back, JoJo works in their lumber department and let me tell you, this guy gets it done! He knows the products and you can tell hes worked with them. So if you want a great experience, go to the bethesda home depot and meet JoJo. You'll get what you need when you need it.

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