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    Kate Wilson
    October 13, 2021

    Give yourself, or someone else whom you love, the gift of a Massage with Megan! My husband gifted me with a 10 pack massage (10 massages for the price of 9!), and I have my final massage next week. It has truly been one of the best experiences of my life! Megan is an extremely gifted massage therapist: she takes her knowledge and experience and tailors it to your body and needs; she listens carefully to what is ailing you; she offers feedback as to what she is feeling and "seeing" in your muscles and fascia; she keeps up with your ongoing struggles and checks in; she is kind and strives to make her clients comfortable and relaxed. Since I have been seeing Megan, my headaches have decreased, the pain in my lower back, hips, and pelvis has decreased, I am sleeping better, and even my skin looks better! Additionally, the entire staff at Namaste, including Marc, the owner, have been kind, efficient, and very helpful in scheduling the appointments and working with me. I cannot recommend Namaste Studios highly enough!

    Dee Hunter
    September 19, 2021

    Jacob is an amazing massage therapist!! Due to my work as a dentist my shoulders and back are constantly in knots causing frequent discomfort. I am also a Peloton enthusiast so between the bike and the treadmill some muscle is always tight. Jacob listens to your needs and the feedback from your body to custom craft your massage experience. For me, this may include cupping and focused time on my upper back. Today he noticed my tight left wrist and worked out the adhesions he was starting to feel. There is no generic massage with him and he is not afraid to apply deep pressure with your permission. I can not recommend him enough. Book your next few sessions in advance because once word gets out it will be hard to get an appointment. I know because I followed him from his previous massage studio!!

    Alecia Frisby
    June 01, 2021

    Sara Clement!! I booked at Namaste on a whim, and similar chose Sara, but oh was luck on my side! I did an hour and a half massage with Sara, hoping to get a bit of relaxation benefits after struggling with chronic low back pain from endometriosis for four years. I have had significant numbness in my foot for a long while and 10 minutes into the massage, sensations rushed into that area that I haven't felt in at least two years. I wanted to shout out with joy. I cannot recommend Sara enough. She was extraordinarily professional, insightful, friendly, prompt and above all - talented. I will definitely be going back. You should too.

    Joshua Beitler
    February 27, 2021

    You know that feeling when you finally find the massage therapist that clicks with you? Well if you haven't, you clearly haven't been to Namaste Studios. I have been to at least 6 dozen massage therapists in my life, but I have to say that Andrew at Namaste works wonders. And right out of the gate it was just comfortable. Sometimes you go to some places and there's an awkward silence, or maybe they talk too much and you just want to relax? You know what I mean? Sometimes it's just one extreme or another. The only way I know to describe it is that Andrew just senses or understands when you want conversation and when you don't. It's great! Okay so that's the convo part, but the quality of the massage is A+. I have some serious knots on a regular basis that need to be worked out. He has the physiological knowledge of the body and muscular structure to know what technique to use and how much pressure is necessary to work out those physical aches and pains. There have been times I didn't even know I had tightness or knots in a certain area, but he uncovered them and worked out the trouble areas, which actually explained a lot of problems I was having, in retrospect. I think it's important to have regular self care and I can't stress enough having a massage therapist that knows, understands and listens to your wants, needs and suggests a plan of attack to put your in body, mind and spirit in the right place. Thanks Namaste and Andrew for your services, I look forward to my next session!

    Chelsea Rockwell
    January 20, 2021

    Marc and his colleagues are outstanding! He is a true healer and has (with the help of his lovely Megan), put a tremendous about of thoughtfulness in every detail of the studio and room spaces. His massages are rivaled by no one and I have lived here, in NC, TX, and CA (Los Angeles). Cannot recommend enough!!

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